Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Craft Lovers Heaven!!

Today, whilst picking up some things for Lily at the shops, I was fortunate enough to have been spoilt with a few little pressies myself! They first, I scored whilst browsing the isles as the local "Dollar Store".  My daughter Lily spotted a cute little trolley that she decided would be great to store all her art supplies and goodies... When I finally caught up with her she was happily showing her Daddy and pleading her case as to why this trolley would be such a useful and practical purchase, as 8 year old's do.  Whilst initially not convinced they were both quick to point out that it was an excellent idea and felt that I was in desperate need of 3 or 4 of them myself!!  Well I did not get 3 or 4 but I did get one and after dinner I dutifully got to task on organising my art journal supplies which where currently stacked up in little boxes all over the kitchen table.

I must say that once I started filling my first little draw I began getting more and more excited as I saw the table clearing and all my beautiful little supplies fitting nicely into happy homes all over this little trolley.  I am  now so thrilled with this little trolley, that words can not explain as only pictures do.  The best part is that it is on castors so I can roll it from room to room as I see fit.  Combined with my little fold up table I am fully mobile and can set up anywhere in the house now, yipee!! And here it is:

I was totally surprised over how much stuff this poor little trolley could hold and I am almost half expecting that I will venture out into the family room tomorrow morning to find that the poor little trolley has collapsed under all that weight.  Here are some little close-ups:

All my pens and glue's and taller bottles in my pen caddy.
More pens and brushes and other bits and pieces.
I LOVE my Distress Inks as you can see.  
Here are my Tombows, Prismacolor Pencils, Water Soluble Crayons , Inktense Pencils and Water Colors.  Plus a couple of my mica powder pots.
Some of my mediums and my paints.  I was lucky enough to have been allowed to buy a  Crackle Medium and 8 new  paint tubes today.  So, so spoiled!!
More Mediums and all my Glimmer Mists and Stickles.
The bottom drawer contains my journals, sketch book and watercolour pads and my Art Journal.
Hanging my Washi Tapes, Decorative Duct Tapes and my Colour Swatches allowed me to free up some room in my drawers and I love the way it looks.

I was also lucky enough to come across a local shop carrying Washi and Decorative Duct tapes, I could not believe it as it had been under my nose all this time. It was probably just as well if the truth be told, hehe!  I was further spoiled however and scored SIX new washi tapes and 5 deco duct tapes (which were on sale).  I told you I was in crafter's heaven today!!

And on the other side, my rags, more paints (they have little hanging tabs) and my favourite brushes.
I am sure that you will agree, that it is an awesome little trolley and just stores so much stuff!!  And to think....I owe it all to my little girl...well spotted darling!!  I really was so spoilt and I am so excited to put all my new goodies to use ..... if only I could get some time to myself, heehee.  Since its school holidays though I doubt it will be too soon :-(.  Looks like it's going to take some rain and indoor craft weather before I will get a chance...lucky for me, we have been getting a lot of that recently..mwuaahahahaaahaaaaa!!

Until next time friends...I hope you are as blessed as I am and happy crafting!!


Tash Daly


  1. incredible! So envious!! :) Enjoy it...great to be organized :)

  2. I just love this idea. can I ask which shop you bought this from pls. I'd like 1 or 5 myself hehe!!!

  3. I'm pretty sure I'm so jealous right now. I would love that and it would be perfect for my apartment. Good for you!